There’s Always More Room

We have purchased about 30 more plants since the last time I posted and I am not really sure where to put any of them. It’s pointless to even count them anymore and I don’t think either of us have the patience for that anyway.

rubberplant (3)

Our poor English Ivy got infested with spider mites so Z used this stuff called Nuke ‘Em or whatever to take care of the little guy. The stuff seems to work and isn’t harmful to the plants so that’s a plus.


I usually get a little upset when Z comes home with a car full of new babies, but I recently invested in a very large stuffed bunny from Walgreen’s so I promised him he could get a few more. I can barely walk around our apartment without tripping over a plant or a stuffed animal…we don’t have a problem at all.

Bye for now.

Bathroom Surprises


I woke up for work today feeling frantic because I slept in late, but when I scurried to the bathroom, I discovered that my boyfriend had not only cleaned the bathroom, but left me a nice little surprise. A beautiful bouquet of plant leaves were awaiting me.

We are interested in finding out how well the cuttings will do in water. I suppose it is a common thing that people do…at least it is a common thing on Pinterest? Anyway, apparently these plants will do just fine because they require only low light and they will specifically grow water roots to help them adapt.

I guess we will find out how long this will actually last. In the meantime, we have a lovely and aesthetically pleasing array of plant leaves to make our bathroom feel extra beautiful. Also, I received my Ipsy bag today and it is my favorite one so far so I am pretty ecstatic about it (which means I will probably not actually use the bag and just leave it in my bathroom for decor purposes).

I plan on getting a desk for our room tomorrow so that I can fill it with…more plants. I also need my own personal place for doing my artwork. This means there will be just barely enough room for me to fit my sketchbook because I imagine that we will be covering 75% of the desk with plants and I am 102% okay with that. My cacti and succulents are always inspiring to me so I do like to keep them close.

Goodbye for now. I need to be up early to go to Ikea with my folks tomorrow.