About Us

So we may have a bit of a problem… a plant obsession. To be honest, we do not see this as a problem, but having well over 50 plants and counting since we moved into our apartment may be a little excessive considering we only had about 5 when we first moved in 2 months ago…

plant2-e1489998847866.jpg We have a tendency to buy plants that are on sale when they are not doing so well so that we can findĀ  ways to bring them back to health. We also may splurge on certain plants…because…how can you not? Those Fittonia plants are hard to come around, so when you find them, it is only necessary to buy every single one…right? Anyway, this blog is about our journey with plants. We are pretty knowledgeable when it comes to plant care, but still have much to learn. My boyfriend is obsessed with taking care of them and finding new ways to propagate and bring them to health, while I enjoy picking out the cute ones and taking pictures of our beautiful little babies. So enjoy our plants and if you have any tips or recomendations, don’t be shy.