There’s Always More Room

We have purchased about 30 more plants since the last time I posted and I am not really sure where to put any of them. It’s pointless to even count them anymore and I don’t think either of us have the patience for that anyway.

rubberplant (3)

Our poor English Ivy got infested with spider mites so Z used this stuff called Nuke ‘Em or whatever to take care of the little guy. The stuff seems to work and isn’t harmful to the plants so that’s a plus.


I usually get a little upset when Z comes home with a car full of new babies, but I recently invested in a very large stuffed bunny from Walgreen’s so I promised him he could get a few more. I can barely walk around our apartment without tripping over a plant or a stuffed animal…we don’t have a problem at all.

Bye for now.

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